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Comedy legend MEL BROOKS has given up on love at the age of 81.
Brooks has been single since Anne Bancroft, his wife of 41 years, died in 2005 - and he is now happy to concentrate on his family, friends and career.

He says, "Nothing’s worse than an old Jew dating. You really think I could listen to somebody ask me, ‘What’s your sign?’ Absolutely not dating. I have grandchildren, dear friends, my show - that’s all I want."

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Bicycle Repair Man

I suppose we'll have to call it "BROAD-way," too! Oh, wait, that almost works....

Our newest member here sparked a memory in me that I thought I might as well share with the rest of the comm. By the way, a hearty welcome to iblamebroadway!

It seems that one of our most favoritest movies in the whole widest world is becoming a Broadway musical, much in the vein that The Producers had! (Which makes me almost pine for a musical version of Brazil, but that's a completely unrelated--not to mention completely silly--matter.)

A slightly old article, in which we get a look at the cast from the workshop for the play and see who people are eyeing for the role of Frederick, himself.

A short, slightly crappy article, which mentions that some fans might want to see the musical adapted back into a movie, as well, like The Producers before it. I just thought that was an interesting tidbit, so I threw this article up here, as well.

And we have a cast! Sort of.

News about Frau Blucher (horses whinny), and I'm slightly disappointed by this, actually.

According to this, the show will open on Broadway this fall. Which is pretty surreal, seeing as the other Mel Brooks musical is closing on Broadway this April. The timing's not bad at all, I must say.
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Hello! Noob alert. XD

My name's Renn and I'm fifteen. I've loved this movie since before I can remember. Alright, so since this isn't just a 'Hello I'm new' post, I bring (hopefully) funny icons! :D

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Mexican TV Interviews....

Haha. Someone posted it on "You Tube". This is probably the most random extra feature I've ever seen, I remember when I first got the DVD I'm like "this is classic!!!". This guy from Mexican TV interviews Marty Feldman, and then Gene Wilder and Cloris Leechman. I love these. They're so funny because they're so random, yet informative, and I think it's cute to see everyone candid and themselves, and trying to break the language barrier...haha......

bat and bitch


I bring you a two part documentary. With rad outtakes that make me love Gene Wilder's work more than anyone should.
Hi, I'm Mercedes, and I've unfortunately only recently been exposed to this film, but I love it all the same.

You know how frerur, or the late dr. Frankenstein's girlfriend says 'Nine!' during the 'don't open this door scene?' Nine means no in German, right?